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If you look at all the successful enterprise in the world, their activities revolve around the needs and convenience of their highly valued customers. There is no doubt that your happy and loyal customers are more than capable to give your business a competitive edge, and turn it into a sustainable business model with rapid growth.

TantraMinds customer collaboration platform is a self-service application which provides a secure place where your customers can manage their accounts, check the balances, place orders and much more in real-time.

Offer a gateway to your business where customers can solve account queries on their own at a time that’s convenient to them, before reaching out to your customer support team.

Customer Portal Features

Digital Customer Onboarding

To reduce onboarding time and stress. Step-by-step customer registration process. Digital document upload. E-signature capture and verification.


Businesses should have the option to customize the solution suited to their requirements. They can choose to have the tools they need and waive off features that are not usable by them.

O-2-C Hub

The order to cash cycle, often abbreviated to O2C or OTC, is how your business receives, processes, manages, and completes customer orders.

Marketing Notice Board

This feature allow user to set the alert message regarding the payment, invoice and other required document of the business. Alert message can be set for the specific customer or group of customer or for all customer

Mobile responsive

Customers today are on the go, and they should be able to access their customer portal from their mobile devices

Real-Time Integration with your ERP

With real-time ERP integration, you can provide your customers with accurate and up-to-date product information such as descriptions, pricing, stock availability, as well as order history, statements, and more

Customer Dashboard

A customer dashboard is a reporting tool use to keep clients up to date on their progress. It tracks the most important KPIs to show how your marketing efforts are helping your clients reach their goals..

Message Center

Message Center allows you to respond to every piece of customer feedback and communicate with customers directly through your mobile app, whether you have their email address or not.

Level Up Your Customers’ Experience With A Tantraminds Customer Collaboration

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