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Globalization has brought the world closer, though the challenges for organization is to have a global presence and have cutting edge technology and competitive price offering.

Every organization wants its supply chain processes to be strong with planning, real-time transactional information, at any place and anytime for suppliers as well as for the customer. 

The key challenge for this is to look for a platform that will satisfy the needs and be adaptable to other technologies in the current landscape.

TantraMinds Supplier Experience Hub addresses this key challenge for the industries which is adaptable to existing and evolving cutting- edge technologies.

Our Special Features

Real time integration with ERP application.

Real time synchronization of masters and transactions with portal.

Invoice Posting

Invoice validation / Invoice data extraction. and robotic process automation.

Rapid implementation

Dashboards for buyers, suppliers and supply chain managers.

Cloud deployed subscription-based pricing model

A mobile app landing page is the important and essentials amount product.

Report generation

Integration to Govt. portal for enabling Govt. rule compliance by suppliers.

Multi-level authorization facility

Vendor on boarding through authorization and data verification.

Why TantraMinds?

The TantraMinds Sourcing hub is comprehensive in terms of coverage of business processes related to
supplier interaction. It’s quite flexible and customizable to meet your specific needs. With seamlessly integration built-in, you get real-time reporting and transaction updates between ERP and the portal.
Tantraminds sourcing hub is quite cost effective and there are no recurring costs on basis of number of transactions. Plus, you get in-built transactional reports and analytics dashboards.

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