C S-Collab

A Gateway to integrate your Supply-Chain

C S-Collab by TantraMinds is a Go-to solution for all the industries working with the agenda of ‘Co-existence’. Understanding it in amore wider manner, it provides a strategic and adaptive place for all your customers, Suppliers and Business units to work, unite & grow together on a single spot. Its benefits lie in every step taken towards it.

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Business world is transforming at the speed of light.

The introduction of AI and cloud intelligence has added glory to
the digital World, with this, businesses are witnessing a storm of revolution.

The transactions, interactions and exchange have increased to an ever-high level, wherein, even for top echelons of
the management, they find it extremely difficult to track all the relevant business transactions so that they can take right action at the right time within all the business verticals!

This is where C S-Collab from TantraMinds comes and perfectly fits the bill to provide you with the Customizable, AI
based smart solution to manage all your business needs.


Maximum visibility in untraced spent


Minimum wastage of manpower & time.


Synchronized talks and transactions

Track Record

Best possible association with the business verticals

Insights to C S-Collab

Asses how C S-Collab can assist Customers and Suppliers!

Make Customer and Suppliers your Asset than Liability

360-degree control & monitor

Sets the pace for community networking in supply-chain with full security & data protection

Plethora of reports & Dashboards for management, employees, customers, and suppliers

Customizable and User friendly SaaS solution for organizations

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business areas in the most comprehensive manner. Our wisdom lies in our expertise, experience and an optimistic
approach to deliver the best digital services. We believe in investing together to build a great future for everyone to

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